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our story

our story about the foundation in the 1960's and the evolution towards aero-terminal in 2022.

from "Bucher & Co, Publikationen" to "aero-terminal by BuchAIR"

The story began in 1962 when Frank E. Bucher, Ernst Sommer and Ueli Klee helped the publicist Fred Anderson Weder ("Cockpit") to publish the booklet " Kennzeichen der Verkehrsflugzeuge " with the correct fleets. Unfortunately, the 1962 edition was not followed by other editions.
In 1966 Frank E. Bucher founded the company "Editions JP". Together with Ernst Sommer and Ueli Klee, they devoted themselves to the production and sale of airline fleet directories under th
e "jp" brand. Since all three gentlemen were plane spotters themselves at the time, they created and distributed the yearbook "jp airline-fleets international" in their free time as a hobby.
In 1981, "Bucher & Co, publications" was founded and for Frank E. Bucher, Ernst Sommer and Ueli Klee, the hobby became a full-time job. They moved into offices in Glattbrugg and ran the "BUCHairSHOP" storey-store there. The company began selling its own yearbook and books & directories from other brands. Soon aircraft models from different manufacturers and scales as well as aircraft fan items such as aircraft radio receivers, postcards, slide films and many other items were added. The first exclusive aircraft models such as the 1:200 Bristol Britannia from Globe Air were also produced and sold.
Ten years later, in 1991, the "buchAIRcenter" shop was set up at Schaffhauserstrasse 76 in 8152 Glattbrugg (Switzerland) in a good, easily accessible location. The business with articles for aviation fans grew rapidly. It had to be constantly expanded and soon the two shops "Wilbur Wright" and "Orville Wright" were operated. Unfortunately, it was not possible to run a single large shop at this address, as the entrance to the apartments above lay in between.
At that time, it was also possible to operate the "Charles A. Lindbergh" store on the observation deck at Zurich Airport. This meant a 7 days a week availability for aviation fans right where the action was. The airport decided to build a modern new Dock B without a shop in the security controlled zone, so the terrace shop had to close in 2008.
With the increasing popularity of the Internet, sales figures for the yearbook stagnated, so that in 2008 it was decided to sell the title of the yearbook, which had been delivered to aviation fans on time for 42 years, year after year, to the English publisher Flight Global.
The health of the three shareholders dictated a "downsizing" whereupon the offices were moved from Europastrasse to Schaffhauserstrasse and the contents of the "Wilbur Wright" store were integrated into the "Orville Wright" store. To make room, the diorama of Alpnach Airfield, OW had to be cleared. Shorter distances were now created and everyone was right at the "front", namely at the aviation meeting place "buchAIRcenter" at Schaffhauserstrasse 76 in 8152 Glattbrugg together with the customers.
In 2016, "Bucher & Co, publications" was sold to Erwin Bachmann and the name was changed to "BuchAIR Center & Shop". Under Erwin Bachmann, the range was expanded to include numerous model airplanes in various scales and the shop was redesigned.
In 2017, BuchAIR carried out the last AVRO RJ100 "Jumbolino" flight together with SWISS. In just under an hour, “BUCHAIR 1” flew across Switzerland, around the Matterhorn and over the Aletsch Glacier.
In 2019, they worked on an exclusive 1/200 scale model of a SWISS Boeing 777-300ER. The model was very well received and was sold out after a short time.
In 2021, Erwin Bachmann decided to step down and sell the business to the next generation.
The newly founded Terminal 870 GmbH around Kai Schuler has been operating the "BuchAIR Center" since January 1st, 2022. Together with many good friends, the shop has since been rearranged, redesigned, and digitized. After 30 years, the old cash desk had to make way for a 1:200 airport diorama of Zurich Airport from the 1960s. The shelves in the entrance area were removed to create space for the new counter and a meeting area. From now on, the business will be called "aero-terminal by BuchAIR" to herald a new era in the name as well. In the first months after the takeover, this new website was launched and in the summer of 2022 the completely new online shop took off. In the further course of the year, the shop was further optimized, space was made more open and the range was updated and expanded.

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